Hotel Parties

Released September 25th, 2015



1. Paranoia Letters  (lyrics)

2. twentyseven  (lyrics)

3. For You  (lyrics)

4. Xmas Drags  (lyrics)

5. Hotel Parties  (lyrics)

6. Rodeo  (lyrics)

7. Paper Tongues  (lyrics)

8. Slow Talkerz  (lyrics)

9. Deadbeat Hits  (lyrics)

10. Let It All Loose  (lyrics)

11. Hard as You Like  (lyrics)




















1. Paranoia Letters

come home baby I'm falling in love

and it ain't with your memory, no its with flesh and blood

one night of love don't make up for 6 weeks alone

so come home darling, quit pushing me to do you wrong


come home baby, i've had enough

this do-right-woman heart, yea its losing touch

got me this feeling, and its freaking me out

theres a stranger growing less strange every time i go out


got you a headful of rotten dreams

standing on the shoulders of some broken scene

so you'd rather seize delusion than hold me tight

but you aint holding nothing that you're chasing all through the night


ain't ya tired of all the voices roaring in your head

the hard line you're painting, shouldn't ya shake it, before you turn up dead?

ain't ya lagging from all that dragging of a life you've made in song 

there's one line waiting, shouldn't ya take it, before you find i'm gone

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2. twentyseven

I want to be fearing something

I want to be steering something

I want to be hearing something

in my car


I want to be losing something

I want to be confusing something

I want to be using something 

in my heart


but I just wait until the van

pulls up to take me away to that toilet bowl of sin


I’m turning twenty-seven soon

I never thought I’d still be 

shooting for the man on the moon

my eyes will never look so blue

without you, I’d be through


I could always ruin something

if you’d ever give my phone a ring

at least I still think I can sing 



so obsessed with what I seek

that you’re losing out on the weeks

guess I’m still figuring out

who I like

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3. For You

Can you do me just one?

pour some oil into

the sockets of my jawbone

cause I’ve got creaky boards for bones

and they’ve been drying out so long

pretty soon they’ll turn to dust and be gone


but I’ll never be in your plans it seems

I’ll never be the man walking around in your dreams

and I never did understand anything

but honey


I’ll fall down for you

I’ll fall down for you

I’ll walk out that door for you, honey

I’ll set you free

be happy, for me


I know the company I keep

they don’t talk much and they can’t sleep

but honey we all got some basic needs

just a way to pull the screen

just a way to pull the strings

just some silence in the scene

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4. Xmas Drags

with a mind all twisted up and an appearance mostly undone

i drove out to your party with those Christmas Drags full on

maybe ill get to explain again a life they just wont ever get

and they can float those quiet judgements on thin smiles of regret


nodding into a drink in a slowly numbing hand

my thoughts are far, they're in some shady (shitty) bar

i see a stage without a band

that PA hum, its a siren song

ya the feedback is calling up

somebody's gotta break that stage in two

why shouldn't it be us?



it just might be we get to live another round

maybe this all aint building up 

to some hole dug in the ground

maybe a next life they'll wire me right

and i can keep it on the path

and maybe we're only living on 

in digital photographs


stuffing clothes in my bag

you look good laid across the bed

but you're talking fancy restaurants 

and galvanized 5-year plans

i know you need a TV and a washing machine

but girl you gotta realize you ain't the only one with dreams

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5. Hotel Parties

I wound up drinking backstage alone

and wondering why

we booked a show in toronto

on the 4th of july

In a three day coma from the border flush

they’re trying to make an example out of us


Gotta find a place to unload the last 3 weeks

try to get tired enough for me to go to sleep

hotel parties are exactly what we need

hotel parties always get the best of me


because the company I keep

they all live in my tv

sometimes they lie with me while I sleep

episodes and seasons

without money, love, or reason

my heart’s leaving


Another freezing 5-hour post-show drive

and cars don’t pass like ships sailing in the night

hotel parties making everything alright

hotel parties always leave me feeling light


they’re having hotel parties even in my dreams

what went to sleep as a whisper just woke up as a scream

I think they’re pumping something poison through the hotel vents

but I’m not sure just who I’m trying to convince

because the company I keep

they all live in my tv

sometimes they lie with me while I sleep

episodes and seasons

without money, love, or reasons

my heart’s leaving


All these different names for the exact same thing

I lost some friends in the van but at least I can sing

just give me some gold that I can turn into silence

while the towns slow-fade into the haze behind u

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6. Rodeo

Baby come on, we’ve been through this before.
Diggin up old bones we run in circles
I’m not ashamed to say, you got me wound up.
Lasso my heart and gimme rope burn.

we’ve turned our love into a rodeo,
but I’ll be damned if I ain’t gonna
grab the bull by the horns.

It may put me in an early grave,
but I would have it no other way.

God damn how I miss my friends,
chasin empty dreams has left me helpless.
Cause no one knows me like you anymore.
It’s long forgot, but there’s a debt I owe.

We’ve turned our love into a rodeo,
but I’ll be damned if I ain’t gonna
grab the bull by the horns.

So lay me down baby to an early grave,
I would have it no other way.
I would have it no other way (x4)

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7. Paper Tongues

drying out.

a paper tongue in a cotton mouth

giving way.

shaping words you'd never dream to say

without a breath, 

without though, 

without dread

there are things lying there 

camouflaged up in that head

old vines to shred

life long thought dead


creeping toes

massaging on my right brain

now a forest grows

blossoming there in my veins

so before you dress

and trade in this bed

for bullshit duress.

you're going to suffer at

the hands of those who know you best

the ones who love you best

well it wont be me

no, i wont play the disease


a gimmick on everyone's tongue 

keep on flapping those paper tongues 

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8. Slow Talkerz

sleeping, lurking in your head and home

the shadow sleepers selling their own skin and bones

“for those that will follow me

you can find anything you need”

when I saw the hearts that the strangers keep

I saw a pale sorta thing

I saw the light sailing out to sea

oh and it’s the downfall of me

oh me, the downfall of me


just a family man

what a communist

such a simple plan

for an easy death

but you’re so scared you’ll be losing sleep

so you wait for the dogs

to call the slow talkers


all along, sit and sing my song

the shadow sleepers breaking in 

your head and in your home

light the fire

that they won’t deny

they want the light

and the fight

and everything inside

but they say that you want me

you say you want everything

you won’t lie when you follow me

you won’t leave until you fall asleep

you say why, why, why

why, why, why

why, why, why


just a family man

what a communist

such a simple plan

for an easy death

left your easy thrill

for that young mistress

you’d give your own right hand

just to save her death

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9. Deadbeat Hits

the nights smoking like you'll never turn in

thus was born another deadbeat boyfriend

living, breathing scum

afloat on insufficient funds


its a heavy moon and you're writing for it

but you ain't nothing till the sun adores ya

just give the folks what they need

and you can make the checks out to me


between you and me, it just may be

sick company




everybody's chasing that goose who's slangin'

those chart-toppin' golden yolks

a grand buffet of FM waves

and you can stuff yourself until you choke

cant ya hear em coming for you?

those deadbeat hits are gonna floor you


i want to drink from the most epic chorus

wearing suits custom tailored for us

drinking top-shelf for free

throw off those grips of reality


so don't worry if your moon goes unheard

cuz you'll be hangin' it on every record

how could it be wrong?

if the whole world's singing along?


between you and me it just may be

welcome company

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10. Let It All Loose

On a sidewalk

from a history of fools

I was kindly invited

with nothing to lose


All the money I had

held fast in my pockets

but your gentle hands convinced me

to let it all loose

and I know you…

you gave me your time


on a backdrop

of nothing but blue

found myself in a nightmare

unable to move


staring deep in those eyes

saw fear, fear and fear only

right there in my own house

made me feel just like a zombie

tried to filter the light

even after it’d stung me

but I won’t blame the wolf

after all, she was hungry

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11. Hard As You Like

well the line is good and ready

Tow as hard as you'd like

cuz you ain't holding nothing

that you're chasing all night 

you came in a horror to claim

things that i wont ever pay


all the verses and doctrines

that you knew would prevail

all gunned down in daylight

in a three-lined email

you put lives in the ground to build your wall

just put a tune in a horn and it will fall


do all the voices get roaring and snatch up your mind

do you ever get tired of being alive?

are you ever so wasted you fear for your life

are you ever so shattered you feel just like dying

do you ever get tired of being alive

cuz that lines good and ready

tow as hard as you like

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